About Te`Orna

About Te`Orna

Word Te`Orna is a combination of Italian and Latin words; Te` means "You" and Orna means "Adored". So basically brand name means : You are Adorned . You are Gifted, with strength, courage and power to do so much more . All you have to do is find it within yourself and go after it.


Our Story

Have you ever opened your closet and thought WOW!!! I actually don't have anything to wear!!

I have been in this exact situation where I started making some money I went and started shopping all the trendy and IT pieces if the seasons to stay "relevant and in fashion" and soon I had a closet full of stuff that I barely wore once and every time I had a nice event to attend and I wanted to wear something elegant, something in which I would feel confident and powerful.  I had NOTHING TO WEAR. So it got me thinking why can't I stay "relevant" but still own classic pieces that would make me feel powerful yet are trendy and versatile. And never have to deal with this dilemma of NOTHING TO WEAR!!

So I started stalking every brand!!! big or small, luxury or high street and I did not come across a single brand or retailer that had pieces which are trendy but still elegant, great quality, last me decades but are not expensive that cost me  an arm and a leg. 

Here's something about me if I want something I WILL GET IT even if I have to make my own! So that is exactly what I did!

I couldn't find which ticked all the boxes for me. So I created a brand that checked every single box . Every single pieces that has my brand name on it will be:

✔ trendy yet classy
✔ amazing quality that will last you ages
✔ feels luxe and is extremely reasonable price

    Now, you might think hmmm, I see how you can have make a piece trendy and elegant but how can you claim to have insane quality without higher price tag? Because bigger the price means better the quality!

    No, higher price is never equivalent to great quality. And yes, it is possible to deliver great quality without a pricey tag. We keep our prices low by eliminating all middle men. Remember! every time a middle man or third party gets added to the supply chain, so does their margins; resulting in a higher end price. So to eliminate this issue we source from the roots and deliver directly to you. We eliminated all middle men which enabled us to keep the prices low yet quality extra ordinary.

    But remember if you want something cheap, cheerful and disposable then Te`Orna is not for you. We do not and will not produce pieces that are cheap or replicas of crazy sought after IT PIECES of the season. Our pieces are here to stay in your closet for season after season. As you put them on they are suppose to make you feel powerful, undefeated, you are here to stay and conquer the world! That is what Te`Orna is! and that is exactly what Te`Orna is here to serve!

    So if this is what you want, if you want to never feel that feeling of ugghh! I've got nothing to wear!  Go ahead and shop Te`Orna now, I promise you will NEVER go back to paying thousands mistaking it for quality or versatility. Believe me I have been there, experienced this problem myself so I know exactly how it feels and what is that you want. 

    - Brains Behind Te`Orna